The Journey Inside is a podcast based on spiritual wellness and the personal journey. 
We all have stories to share and no journey to navigate the spiritual and personal growth space is the same.  We want to showcase all sides of the journey and share for all to see. 
Join us on our personal journey and stick around for the wholesome conversations.
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Anthony Burciaga host of the journey inside podcast


My name is Anthony Burciaga.  I am a partner host for the Journey Inside Podcast.   I have had many lives along this journey of mine but my favorite journey thus far has been having a family with my wife Dee Jaye Burciaga.  

I have many interest including, surfing, snowboarding, photography, videography, music, and really anything outdoors. 

A couple of years ago I had a dream that began to alter my life on a deeper spiritual path.  This lead me to meeting with a medium who called out my dream without speaking a word (I know sounds hard to believe).  

During this session and few other sessions with other mediums, dreams and occurrences, it was cemented in me that I was to pursue a life of a healer.  More specifically, a Shaman.  This path has lead me to a Shaman named Shaman Durek who reconnected me with my spirit.  This journey has proved challenging as father of 4, while running a business, but I plan to share the journey thus far and forward into the future. 

My passion is to bring more balance in this world and share my gifts with others and spread the word about personal health and rebalance of energies within oneself.  

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