Many millennials are stuck in a place I like to call the “in-between”.  Its this place where we have engraved systematic beliefs, but our spirit knows better and pushes us beyond those systematic beliefs. 

We are so deeply impacted by spirit but are unaware of its presence.  Many of us are awaking to this reality because our spirit has pushed us to such an uncomfortable space that we either, go to religion or start diving deep into oneself.

No one way is better than the other, because the moment we become prideful in thinking that one way is the only way, the spirit will derail our system again.

How does spirit derail our system?

It can come in the form of physical illness, feelings of depression or not doing what you are meant to be doing.  Lack of motivation, dizziness, lightheadedness, flu-like symptoms and even disruption in your work life are signs of spirit stepping into your life.  

When we are not inline with our purpose…or at least going towards it, things do become difficult.

But, isn’t everything with spirit suppose to be easy?

Well, yes! Spirit works with no conditions and only does things through the energy of love. But our spirit came down with a purpose.  Our spirit came to the physical body to experience the world and emotions that come with it. The most important part is that our spirit came down with a purpose to end a cycle and or experience a specific thing in this life.

It’s not that our spirit makes it hard, it’s actually that our systematic beliefs and conditions of the physical world interrupt and interpret bad things as just that, “bad”.

Instead, we need to change our way of thinking.  Rewire the pathways in our mind to see the things we think are “bad” events that are happening to us and change it to an understanding that it is a lesson and a message to get back on track.

I know, this sounds religious in context. But. Religion is only a label within it people choose to do or do not Nd act upon those feelings and thoughts. 

How can we here the messages or understand that we have fallen off the path?

The suggestions that I always receive are to meditate and to acknowledge spirit as if it were right in front of you.  Spirit wants to be acknowledged because it’s part of you.  All it wants is to share in your experiences and guide you in the right direction to complete or end the energetic cycle that you are currently going through.

Get your thoughts under control 

The moment you are able to observe your thoughts is the moment you will be able to differentiate your voice, others voices and spirits voice from one another.

Remember, spirit doesn’t speak negatively and if you hear that, this means it is not the spirit and it truly doesn’t serve a purpose within oneself.

Therefore, shift your energy, your mindset and speak to it out loud. This energy that speaks in a negatively, you do not belong and I release you to the light.

In shamanic tradition we believe in entities that cause us sickness on many levels.  These entities will misguided us, depress us, and make us physically sick.  These entities can be removed by yourself and can be removed by a shaman.  

The most important thing to note is that you have the power with yourself to remove these entities.  You must speak clearly with love and force and request it to be gone. More importantly, take that energy to the light as it is negative energy that attached itself to you because you had a familiar filling of doubt or sickness.  Its finds comfort in equal frequency, but it also finds comfort in higher lov9ng frequency because it wants that.  

You can help by visualizing the entity of no shape, form or gender simply energy that you show a path of light to and walk it on into a ray of light.  Then, watch as the entity is raised into that light.

In conclusion, the more we are able to understand that we are all beings of light and we practice presence daily and release any entries we picked up through the day that you will begin to see your path more clearly, eat well and strive for unconditional love. 

Continue journeying and I’ll see you there!

Love to you all.

Growing shaman

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