Today we are going to be talking about unconditional love and what it means to us.

Welcome to our second podcast of the Journey inside.  We are, Anthony and this is Dee Jaye and we are excited to share this post and podcast with you. Below, we will discuss what we believe unconditional love is, we recorded this candidly in one take and below are excerpts from our podcast.

We know you will enjoy it!

Dee Jaye on what unconditional love means to her. 

Unconditional love is all about first starting with ourselves. Meaning that we are unconditionally loving ourselves without judgment and no conditions and to not compare ourselves to others. 

 It’s really all about having a joy for yourself and love for yourself and that when we bring that to ourselves that we will be able to love others unconditionally without judgment.  

For example, when someone gets frustrated or angry, we don’t see it as a negative or anything we are able to look past that and give those people love that need it. 

Anthony on what unconditional love means to him. 

Unconditional love is an interesting feeling and subject because we all tend to have a certain level of judgment or feeling towards others.   

Having unconditional love is putting aside the judgment and being able to see god in everything and all things. 

The New Born Effect on Unconditional Love

One way to explain it.  When we see a baby for the first time and it’s your own, you just feel this enormous amount of love.  There’s no judgment and you not even worried about the way it looks.  You are just so grateful to have a healthy baby that you created and there is a special bond between you and that creation. 

There is no judgment at that moment.  The first breath catches you and you are just filled with gratitude that you have a healthy baby.  It’s just an overwhelming amount of love. 

That’s one example of experiencing unconditional love for all the parents out there who can relate. 

The Balance of All Things in Unconditional Love

Another great way that I love to use as a metaphor is the balance between the sun and the moon.  

As a Shaman, we see all things in a perfect balance in this world and all things are living.  Therefore, the sun and the moon are living energy and so the sun doesn’t judge the energy of the moon, they have a perfect balance to work in tune with one another. 

One to bring light and the other to bring night.  All things live unconditionally together.  When the moon rises, the night animals come out and the day animals sleep. 

It’s this perfect balance that I believe shows natures unconditional love for all of it’s living beings. 

How to live with more unconditional love?


Start your day with a list of things you are grateful for.  You can look in the mirror and speak all the things you are grateful for or you can write them down.  

It’s important to feel the things in which you are grateful for.  Be present in the feeling and do it intentionally because you care for yourself and your personal growth. 

If you write them down, imagine what the word feels like, is it a family member you are grateful for?

Imagine what it would be like without them there or what your favorite memory is with that one person. 

Gratitude in all things creates a beautiful platform for love.  This plants the seed within us to know that we are enough and that we have everything we need right in front of us. 

Love yourself

This is another great morning ritual. 

Start with affirmations and speak into yourself and your soul by saying things like.

  • I am beautiful, strong, confident and smart.
  • I feel that god (spirit or ancestors) are creating a path for me to walk easily and all good things are coming into my life with ease.
  • Money flows easily in my life
  • I love every part of myself
  • I know that I am getting closer every day to my goals
  • Reaching my daily goals is easy and have the tools to do so

When you do this you want to imagine the feeling in each word in which you speak.  These are enlightening words that bring the strength of your spirit to an overwhelming amount of energy that will keep you on fire throughout the day.  

If a challenge arises, your spirit will be so confident because you are in-tune with it that you will overcome your challenges.

Love is confidence and confidence is love and patience.   I know that you can make this part of your daily routine and it will empower you every day and your love for oneself will be through the roof! 

Stay Grounded

Another day, just breathe,

Another day, just believe. 

Breathe work is so powerful and it’s one of the best ways to stay grounded through your day.  After you have lifted yourself up and empowered your spirit, it’s time to reinstate those roots so you may have a balance of the being lifted while being grounded.  

This is so powerful, as you will be able to keep a high level of motivation and love for yourself and others while being present and conscious of your decisions.

I am sure you have been in the clouds at least once before and at those times, we tend to make not the greatest decisions when acting on impulse. 

Here is something to try and you could do it now if you’d like.

Take a deep breath in your nose slowly to the count of 4, one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, etc. Hold for 7 seconds, then release for 8 seconds.

Do this 4 times and I know you will feel 10 times calmer, more focused, and ready to move forward. 

Email me at [email protected] and tell me if this helped. 

Check-in with your thoughts

I read a fantastic book this last year called The Untethered Should: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. 

This book was fantastic and I highly recommend it.  In the first chapters, Michael A. Singer talks about “the voice in our head”.  This voice in our head causes us to self-doubt, second guess, and demotivates us.  

What’s strange is this voice is not ours. Its the voice of our parents and all of those who have talked to us in a negative way.  

When we become the observer of these thoughts. We notice the way in which it speaks, you realize that it’s almost always negative. 

What Michael A. Singer advises in his book is to sit back and listen. Next time you are watching a TV show or movie, notice how your thoughts begin to wonder.  You may hear in your head, “what’s wrong with her hair”. Or, you might also hear, “if only I had that would I be successful”.  

It’s wild what our mind can do to us and how it can even distract us from our goals and objectives!

When we are able to sit and observe our the voice within in our head, we are able to separate our true intentions and realize how great we truly are! 

This is how unconditional love for one-self comes about.  You no longer hear those negative thoughts, lack of motivation or false beliefs speaking in your head.  Instead, you become an unstoppable power machine as the ever-present intentional human being that radiates unconditional love. 

I leave with one more quote in this section from Michael A. Singer’s book.  

“What differentiates a conscious, centered being from a person who is not so conscious is simply the focus on their awareness”.  

As we become more aware of our inner thoughts, the more centered beings we will become.  This will allow us to have room to love our selves without conditions and others because we do so for ourselves. 

I want to thank you for taking a moment to read this and remember that we are unconditional beings and the only conditions in which we have are the ones we set or believe for ourselves. 

With much love and gratitude. 

The Journey Inside Podcast

Anthony Burciaga

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