Hello Everyone!

My name is Anthony Burciaga, the host of the journey inside podcast.  We hope you enjoy your time with us as we discuss topics that are meant for pondering and expanding the stream of consiousness.

I am a husband and father of four monkeys that always keep my life ever evolving with much learning.  My wife, Dee Jaye who will join me from time to time on the podcast has been an amazing supporter of my dreams and aspirations and I love her patience and deep perspectives.  We wil get to know here more on this podcast as we continue to grow.

The goal with this podcast is to spread awareness from many different persepctives about community, personal growth, different peoples journey’s and the important questions of why?

Why does someone strive to do what they do in this life?

What keeps the going?

What are your spiritual beliefs and how does that make you who you are today?

We love to get deep and understand the movement that creates you and we hope you enjoy our journey and the journey in which we share with others.

Stay tuned, stay lit, keep it grounded and live in grattitude.

Love you all!

Anthony Burciaga

The Journey Inside Podcast

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